A Child Dies and The Community Shows Its Stupidity

On Jan 6, 2012 I made a post  about a 15 year old student getting shot by police because he had a “replica” firearm that he refused to put down when police told him to drop the weapon.

I expressed sympathy for both the parents AND the police. For the parents because they lost a child, for the policeman in question because he has to live with the decision he made in a fraction of a second.

Once again a young teen with a replica of an assault rifle refused to lay down the weapon when instructed by police to do so and once again a police officer responded with deadly force to what he perceived to be a threat.

I still do not blame the police officer for reacting as he did. I would have done the same thing. I do not blame the teen for not having the sense that more years of life experience might have given him.

Where I do place the blame is with a family that did not see fit to raise the child with a moral compass and that now is screaming at the top of its lungs that this poor innocent child was ” assassinated” , or “executed”  by police. Bull shit.

I emphasis with the family over their loss but trying to place blame on a police officer who did not have the luxury of time to walk over and examine the rifle the boy was holding to decide if it was a real weapon or a toy simply shows the ignorance of the family.

Let me point a gun at you and you try and figure out whether it is a joke or life and death situation. Idiots.

One thought on “A Child Dies and The Community Shows Its Stupidity

  1. Navy agrees. Parents are responsible for raising children who will not obey them or any other authority. There is a time to obey an officer and a time to make a stance. A stance with a toy is not a good choice of time.
    Going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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