President Trump and the Supreme Court

Yes the American people are ready for a change. But whatever Donald Trump may or may not accomplish the Supreme Court may be his biggest legacy.

Copied from an article, with that link below. This is the most important reason to vote for Trump that 71% of exit polls showed. And while I do not agree completely with some of the opinions expressed in the article, this statement I do.

“Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was faced with a dilemma if Hillary Clinton had been elected. The institution was at a crucial point in its history following the death of conservative justice Antonin Scalia in February.

Had Clinton won and nominated a liberal judge, liberals would have had a 5-4 court majority for the first time in decades – leaving Roberts adrift.
After Republicans refused to consider Obama’s pick of federal judge Merrick Garland, the process of selecting the next ninth judge has effectively been passed to the next candidate.
Trump has said he will draw his Supreme Court nominee from a list of 20 judges and one senator – all of whom look to be more conservative than Anthony M. Kennedy, the court’s longest-serving justice and historically a swing voter.
The court will therefore be restored to its balance of four liberals, one moderate and four conservatives. But two of the court’s liberals judges, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, are 83 and 78 respectively and could retire in the next few years. Kennedy meanwhile is 80. If all those seats vacate the court could be transformed into a seven conservatives and two liberals split – with huge consequences for the law in the United States.”

Congratulations Mr. Trump, you have already secured Americas future.


California To Secede

Well some people in California have voiced that battle cry. Several stars have promised to leave the country if Trump won the election.

Please take the trash with you when you go.


Election Countdown

4 Days to the election that may well determine the fate of America.

Will Hillary’s problems continue to snow ball? Does Wikileaks have a major BOMBSHELL to release? If so, what might have been the effect had it been released sooner?

Will Russia make a full blown incursion into Ukraine while the US is in post election meltdown? Will Trump supporters use a lost election as an excuse to start a shooting revolution?

Is it true that Democrats are, on the whole the under-educated, unmotivated, disenfranchised dregs of society? Including the delusional Hollywood types?

So many questions.