World War 3……

…….started on Sept 11, 2001,

Of course with a President who will not even call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists, you certainly will never hear anything from this administration that would even come close to a declaration of wat.

I consider the evidence to be irrefuteable.  If you choose to ignore that date, you can pick any other; the bombing of the Marine corps barracks, the attack on the USS Cole, Ft. Hood, Paris, Brussels, Munich and on and on.

Do you really think that it is a coincidence that a year ago there was suddenly a mass exfltration of Muslims from Syria, et al, when that region was pretty much as chaotic for the last 5 years? The fact that there was a high percentage of military age, apparently healthy and well fed “refugee’s” in the mass exodus that are now wreaking havoc in every country that has taken them in, should be telling to anyone who cares to look.

But the current crop of world “leaders” positively refuse to pull their heads out of the nether regions, and call a spade a spade. “Not on their watch”.

Like Alchoholics Anon, you can’t solve your problem until you acknowledge your problem. Until the facts are accepted, we will continue to pay the price for our leaders inability and unwillingness to LEAD.

Hillary’s America……Must See Hollywood Film

A toast!!!!! Here is to a once in a lifetime Blockbuster that is seen and revered by millions upon millions. Hopefully it si destined to be come the cult classic that defines a generation.

Maybe it will be the tug that pulls Americas collective head out of its ass.

Make America Great Again-step 1

Donald Trump is the nominee for President of the United States.

The pundits said he didn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination.

Now the pundits are saying Hillary will beat him in the General election.

They also said Bernie Sanders had no chance of taking on Hillary. Bernie who?

But were it not for “superdelegates”, bought and paid for by political favor of Hillary/Bill/Clinton Foundation, Bernie might very well have had enough support to actually take it all the way to the Convention, if not actually win the nomination..

So apparently the pundits don’t “know” Jack.

Then there was the Never Trump crowd. And Hillary said that Trump would be the worst disaster this country ever saw.

So here is my take. The never Trump Crowd had better get off their high horse and get behind The REPUBLICAN nominee and quit with the petulant holier than thou, you’re not MY candiidate crap, lest they hand the Presidency to the most corrupt politician in the country.   Who happens to be right in her prediction that if Trump is elected it will be a disaster…….for the corrupt establishment that is scared shitless that if Trump is as successful in running the Presidency as he was  in running a campaign, they are royally SCREWED.

oh….. and if you want to see someone who hasn’t let hardship stop her from acheiving…..

Obama’s God Complex

If you have ever watched BO speak, walk, or exist you have no doubt noted the Empirical way he carries himself. Just a confident man you say? I think not……………

If you are like me you will watch this several times and still not believe it. It explains so much. And Hillary says she wants to continue Obamas legacy and policy.

There was a us version on you tube which has been taken down. This was out of one of the European  Youtube nodes. I downloaded it to my hard drive in case that one disappears also.