Muslim’s Show Remorse?

Where are the good Muslims?

I do not hate Muslims.

I hate that by and large there is no outrage in the Muslim community over the actions of radical Islamists. By their silence they condone the actions of the few. Out of fear of retaliation? Possibly. But at some point even they must feel revulsion at the atrocities being committed, supposedly in the name of Allah.

Maybe that point has been reached.

Perhaps if all “good” Muslims were as quick to denounce their radical brethern as Christians are to denounce the KKK the world would be a better, or certainly more peaceful place.


Sanctuary Cities

I am of two minds when it comes to “sanctuary ” cities. On the one hand I applaud States trying to stand independently of the Feds.

On the other hand……the law is the law. If you don’t like the law get it changed.

The Constitution gives certain powers to the Federal government. The writers of the Constitution, living in a time and place where the States had only recently formed a tenuous bond recognized that for them to maintain the strength they found in unity, there had to be a way to take individual interests out if the equation. Otherwise when the objective of independence was fully realized, States would once again seek their own gratification at the expense of the Republic.

In the case of sanctuary cities I feel it is ALL about cities serving their own interests. And the root of the problem lies in a chaotic and untenable immigration policy. Until immigration laws are revisited and a NEGOTIATED set of laws that the majority of States agree to is put in place we have no hope of avoiding conflict between the States and Federal government.

However, the likely hood of that is slim. If the Republican’s retake the Presidency, AND hold on to the majority in the House and Senate, they can force a reform package through the system that the President will sign into law. It then will be up to the President to force the DOJ to enforce the laws.

And enforcing the laws can be done. It would most likely mean criminal charges, trial and sentencing of officials within cities that refuse to obey. It could also mean crippling sanctions and fines against the city governments. I think that is less likely though, as it would mean making the people of the city suffer for the illegal acts of the few, something an elected body is unlikely to want reflecting on them come the next election.

Bernie Sanders Quits Democratic Party

Well duh! He was never a Democrat and I always questioned how the powers that be at the DNC could/would allow him to campaign for the Democratic nomination.

The only thing I can figure is that they, like everyone else anticipated Hillary being indicted and they wanted SOMEONE with a smidgen of name recognition to fill the vacuum that would have been created.

So Bernie has taken his ball and gone back to the Senate where he will once again be the taken for granted Socialist in the room.

At least he had his 15 minutes of fame and impact, tho temporary, on the formulation of the Democratic platform, which Hillary is already “Changing” back away from now that she has won the nomination.

Wonder what the NEXT scandal she will have to ask “what does it matter” about will be?



Guns, Gays, and God


When a newsperson of some standing asked dinosaur Nancy Pelosi why Hillary has such trouble connecting with white males she stumbled through this answer:

Flab-ber-gasted! Where in the hell did that come from? The real reason couldn’t be that white males, who as a percentage in this country, work hard, pay taxes out the ass, have watched their country turned in to a haven for non working, system playing minorities and trash, understand that Crooked Hillary wants to expand that system to include every Tom, Dick and Suzy that can lie, sneak, or cheat their way into it? Nah! That couldn’t be the REAL reason.

Why do the news people not ask some white males why they have trouble “connecting” with Crooked H?

Vote For Hillary!

Just in case you are REALLY considering voting for Hillary consider thes two little tidbits.

First is OBama’s┬ákin:

And then we have a compilation of some of Hillary’s more revealing moments:–fnwftHI

Me, I think you would have to be brain dead to even consider voting for HER. Of course if you only watch one tv channel your whole life, you come to believe everything on that channel is gospel. I know of one 96 year old woman who raised 6 kids, mostly by herself, clothed them, fed them and put them through college by the callous’ on her hands…..that thinks Barack and Michele are almost Saints. And she has never watched anything but CBS. But she KNOWS they are “good people”

It is inexcusable to vote for someone without doing your home work but people are lazy…….