Fiorina Pegs Hillary Clinton

Very astute observation from Carly Fiorina not covered by American news.

And one from Chris Christie.

Canada School Shooting

This received about 15 seconds on Fox News last night, nothing on the OTHER 3 networks.

Very little will be mentioned of it here because Canada has taken away guns from its populace, so it would not fit in with the anti gun crowds arguments for more gun control/ registration/confiscation.

The problem is not the gun, it is the disturbed individual behind the gun.

Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton

Why aren’t ABC, NBC, and CBS covering this?

ANY other person, Democrat or Republican, would already be sitting in a jail cell. Perhaps the FBI is making damn sure they have enough to convict before bringing an indictment. I sure hope that is ALL that is influencing them.

PLEASE  copy and paste this link to every American citizen you know.