Hillary and College Students


Out of the mouths of babes, so to speak. There may be hope after all for young people. However I did note that the students were from a Junior college; an environment that is generally made up of working class students. Perhaps The Hillary would be better served speaking to rich kids who have no clue of he real world.

Democrats…..Party of Liars


Is this a new thing? No. We have seen an evolving trend among Liberals to fabricate whatever statement or “fact” they need to support the position they are trying to support or espouse.

But it is disturbing in the blatant admission that the end justifys the means, no matter who or what is harmed.

In this case it wasn’t just Romney who got harmed. What if this was the straw that made just the right number of voters decide to vote for Obama? If Romney had been elected where would the economy be? What would have happened in the Middle East with a different foreign policy? How would the IRS debacle have turned out?

It is time to hold ALL public figures accountable for their statements. Harry Reid should be stripped of his Senate retirement benefits and sent into exile in Parumph. Unfortunately, Romney will never have the Cojones to seek justice against Reid.

(And I still think Reid got the crap beat out of him by someone; I don’t believe for a second that he got that shiner from an exercise accident. Harry Reid….exercise? Yeah Right!)

Oh wait….Harry Reid is a self admitted liar. What was I thinking?