Hey Kirby, Grow Some Balls!


The only reason for not confirming or denying that Bergdahl is a traitor is that he IS and it will make Obama look like the utter fool he is.

If the military had found no wrong doing on Bergdahl’s part, they would have no reason not to say so.

Our Blunderer in Chief f’d up and want’s the whole thing to go away.

Fulfilling Obamas Campaign Promises

Over the last couple of years, Obama has managed to release close to 20 or so prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, a facility that he promised to close during his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

He has been unable to do so and should have known he would not be able to if he had any understanding of how that particular system works. So he has been releasing dangerous terrorists back into the gene pool, sometimes quietly, and sometimes with a flash as he did when 5 hardened Islamic terrorists were traded for one low ranking American deserter.

Since then, Congress, with support from both Democrats and Republicans, has ham strung his ability to release more of his Muslim brothers. (you didn’t know that BO is Muslim?)

So in a surprise move last month Barry announced that he was unilaterally normalizing relations with Cuba, despite Cuba making no concessions in the decades long standoff about human relations, et al.

And surprise of surprises guess what Fidels number one and only request is before talks about normalization can BEGIN?  why it is the return of the Guantanamo Bay facility to Cuban control.


So now Obummer  can stand up and declare to the American people that it must be done. He may or not get what he wants but I can guarantee if he does, at some future fundraising he will loudly trumpet how HE succeeded in fulfilling his campaign promise in spite of that nasty ole Congress’  blocking his every effort.

As with Obama Care, the end justifies the means and truth be damned.

Law Abiding Citizens Become Criminals

Thousands of normal law abiding citizens have willingly become felons in the last few months.




A reasonably intelligent person might surmise that Charlton Heston had it right?

But gun control advocates have repeatedly shown neither reason nor intelligence.

Fortunately a 5.56 @ 3200 fps has been proven effective even against zombies such as these!