Sony Caves To North Korea

So Sony caves in to threats from “North Korean” hackers. Why would that surprise you? Hollywood is all about illusion. The illusion that they actually have morals and backbone being laid bare should not surprise anyone.

The fact that leaked emails reveal what a shallow, self centered, mindset and view of the world and themselves the execs have should not surprise you.

That Sony chose to make a film that was in poor taste and lacked any redeeming value at all should not surprise you.

That Obama stood up and said what Americans should do, but failed to do himself should also come as no surprise.

All of that said Sony should not have caved to the pressure.

Clintons Empathy For Enemy

If you watched the part of the speech where she made the statement you were probably still shaking your head in confusion as to what the hell she was trying to say when it sank in.

Her habits of running a number of disconnected thoughts into  a supposedly cohesive statement left me dazed. And then the implications hit me.

Is this woman COMPLETELY stupid? Well yeah, but even for her this goes way over the top. Problem is, most if the “class” of voters that are enamored of her are also of limited intelligence and worldliness.

You don’t show empathy to your enemy. If they have been defined as an enemy they are out to do YOU great harm. So you do THEM great harm instead. Empathy will get you killed.

‘Course since she always lives by the gospel she preaches she will show empathy to whomever her Republican challenger is in 2016 and they, being a little more intelligent,(hopefully), will squash her like the cockroach she is.