2014 Election Coverage

So it is now 3 days after the elections that stood the mainstream media and most Dumbocrats on their collective ear.

Guess what? You will be hard pressed to find ANY mention of the elections on CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC. And even Fox news has only a few little items. Lets hope that they are just waiting for January when the newly elected take office to run all the “specials” they are so famous for.


Republicans Win Senate

Ok so there is nothing new in that, it happened yesterday. But here is a message to the Republicans……


Obama is going to try and  shove all kinds of crap down our throats through executive order since he has nothing to loose and no way to get anything done.

If you had any sense you would very publicly approach him with an offer to do some good for the country.

But I ‘spect you’ll spend your time crowin and struttin yer stuff and screw the pooch almost as bad as the Dumbocrats did when they had both the Senate and House.