Stand Your Ground

Thank you, I will.

It seems there is a committee or panel for every possible subject. It has been said that the business world and Government run by committee. Probably true.

The problem is when the people on the committee, or in this case advising the committee have no expertise, or worse.

The advice given here is beyond ludicrous and boggles the mind, at the conclusions  seemingly intelligent people can come to. (Also the disparate conclusions derived from the same fact base.)

Oh yeah…. spoons made Rosie O’Donnell  fat  too.

Homeland Security….Take 2

I was just watching the news and a senior Homeland Security Doctor was being grilled by a Senate committee on how well ( or how poorly) prepared they had been for sonething like the current Ebola mess.

The general consensus was that they had not prepared adequately. Of course not……they were to busy going on panty raids at lingerie shops.

Homeland Security Raids Lingerie Shop


I don’t have a problem with the idea that the shop owners were guilty of copyright infringement. What I do take issue with is the agency that conducted the raid.

What the hell does the Kansas City Royal logo on a pair of panties have to do with National Security? This is something that should have been handled through the courts and local law enforcement.

Using Homeland Security for petty matters like this just shows how poorly the organization was put together to start with and is currently being run. It is like using a 105 howitzer to kill a mouse.. Dumb.