Words of Wisdom From Black Chicagoans


Some are starting to see past the blinders.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. And while I am on my soapbox….. why is it that you never hear

of Voting machines ¬†changing Democrat votes to Republican? We’ve already

had instances in two states where Republican votes were recorded for Democrat candidates.

America Defined By Fear?

Obummer says that America is not defined by fear.


Problem is, with the way the country is today, I’m not sure what it is defined by anymore. It sure as hell isn’t defined by common sense, national pride, and a strong religious ethic.

Actually it is defined by 2 separate groups. Those who value tradition and those who don’t value anything. Unfortunately the second group is by far the larger of the two.

Hopefully the second group doesn’t value the ballot box much either.

A Liberal Media Bias?

Well duh!


Why is it that “people” seem to know all this stuff that the media suddenly discovers and then makes a big deal of? I know most politicians are crooked whores, I know most lawyers are of a similar ilk, I know most college professors haven’t got a clue how the world really works and teach their students crap. But to the media all this comes (if it ever does) as a wondrous revelation, as if from on high. Oh wait.. they say there is no God so it must be something mysterious and wonderful revealing itself.

Shocking indeed.

Hillary Sounds Like Biden!

In a Bidenesque foot in mouth moment, Her royal hindass once again illustrates her complete disconnect from the real world.

“Corporations and business don’t create jobs” ¬†Oh really?


Well I suppose she is technically correct if you look at it from her point of view; she is trying to get the job of President of the US, and THAT job was created by the Constitution sooooooooo…….