More Stupidity From Obama

What the F!

What possible justification can there be for sending US combat troops to Africa for ebola?  This President goes from one act of stupidity to another with complete disdain for the lives he puts at risk. Put more American lives at risk for no conceivable return. The man give every indication of being on a mission to F’ up this country any way he can.

No talent, no knowledge, no cares except his golf game. Someone should shove his driver up his ass and give him at least an artificial backbone. I have no idea what we could do to him to simulate intelligence.

The First Black President

I saw a story that a majority of people feel that racial tension is higher today than when Obama was elected.

I am not particulary fond of Mr. O, but I am very sympathhetic to black people in this  case.

Incompetent, dishonest, lying, manipulative, people know no racial boundaries. It is a shame that black people were so unfortunate that the first black President    finds all of those qualifications on his resume.

And it looks like the people who were so STUPID to elect him are hell bent on repeating the mistake so they can elect the first woman President.

And the truly ironic part is that Obummer isn’t really black, he’s an Arab.

And The Winner For STUPID is…….

There is stupid and then there is STUPID.

Being a citizen of any other country in the world and going to North Korea for ANY reason is stupid.

Then there is this guy.

Hopefully they will castrate him while he is in prison so that he can’t father any children that would continue his defective gene pool.

Celebrity Nude Pictures

So a bunch of narcissistic, self centered, overpaid, under performing celebrities got their accounts hacked and their dirty pictures leaked to the interweb. YES I understand they only wanted a few select people to see them, not the whole world, but it seems to me that anyone who is STUPID enough to take pictures of them selves naked in the first place, shouldn’t be surprised or shocked when they end up being seen by someone other than the intended recipient. Dumb.

But now dumb is being taken to a whole new level.

A Well Trained Secret Service

I was just watching the news tonight and during the broadcast there was some kind of “situation” at the White House. They interrupted the newscast to show some guy being hustled off by a White House security officer.  All well and good but….

When they panned back to show the White House itself there were 6 visible Secret Service snipers on the roof…….FOUR in one corner and TWO in the center of the roof. Which should be the whole contingent, one on each corner and one each centered front and back.

Now I don’t know how they train ’em these days but in my day you were taught to hold your post during a crisis with the possibility of what was going on at the front door was a distraction so the bad guys could waltz in the back door.

I’m SURE (hoping) that there were a few left on the backside to cover that eventuality…….