You Are A Porn Star

Saw this this morning.

What with all these celebrities having their nude pictures leaked and stories like this it makes me wonder if people have completely lost their minds.

The solutions are really quite simple. Quit posting your shit all over the internet! Why do you think I don’t have my picture on this page?  Why do you think I use a nickname to post under? I don’t post to the cloud, I don’t back up online, I don’t take nudies of myself or my significant other.

If it doesn’t exist, it can’t be used against you as a target of opportunity. And thats what this is. If someone wanted to they could do the digging and such necessary to fabricate a story about me but that would take work and would have to be personally motivated.  Thats not what is happening with these stories. Keep your private lives to yourself.

Obama Shows His Contempt

While I am not surprised that he has little respect for the Military, I am surprised that he is becoming so blatant about it.

I wonder how much of the true Conniver in Chief will be on display over the next 2 years. Hopefully enough so that American voters can see how badly they were duped and look with a more critical eye at Hillary.

Airline Stewardess Standards

I may be dating myself but I remember when airlines had “standards” for height weight and general appearance. In fact I had a conversation with another gentleman on a recent flight and we were in agreement that MOST current cabin attendants   would not have even gotten an interview.

It is nice to know that some airlines still have baseline standards. Now if I can just find an excuse to go to the orient……

What Would Jesus Do?

That was the first thing a Catholic Priest said to Bill O’Reilly last night when asked to clarify the Popes comments on “stopping” terrorists.

Give me a break!  The Catholic church has had a direct hand in the deaths of more people throughout history than any other single entity, country or government. And they don’t have the balls to answer a question straight up without resorting to their version of “religious correctness”?

The Catholic Church….the perpetrator of the doctrine of “I’m not responsible!”

The correct answer was….”kill the sons a bitches, wherever and whenever you can”.

Spineless and two faced.