Poor Broke Hillary


In a further illistration that Hillary is completely out of touch with the average American came the above statements. Not only does she not “get it” she has now shown that she is to stupid to know when to shut up. Hardly a personality trait to have when you are in negotiations with other world leaders.

And then there was the little gem….


Hillary, did it ever occur to your self centered, egotisical pea brain that the feeling is probably returned in spades?

Argentinas Debt Crisis

Is this the fate of the USA?


If you can read this story through, particularly the part about promises and entitlements made to constituants and NOT see the parallels to Americas situation you are dumber than a stump and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a ballot box. ¬†Or to cross the street without holding Mommies hand.

Hillary Clinton Defends Child Rapist

I ran across this story and really was not surprised. I wouldn’t wish to deny anyone legal representation, as usual it is her revolting attitude that is on display.

Another example of “At this point what difference does it make?”