We Will Become Cannibals


Chicke Little is alive and well in the 21st century.

It seems to me that the idea of responsible journalism is a forgotten concept. I think the first example I can remember is the prediction sometime in the early 70’s that by the year 2000 or something, the worlds population would be so large that there would be standing room only in the world. Then there were various end of the world rants, and now the latest and greatest is global warming.

So now we are destined to become cannibals in order to survive. Any one remeber a movie called Soylent Green?

So here is my prediction…… the while of humanity are going to commit suicide on August 13, 2021, because they will have been driven mad by the idiots telling them how they are going to die.

Is this the start of my 15 minutes of fame?

Dumbocrats and Communism

Well someone from the Democratic Party finally said it.


Socialism, which the Dumbocrats embody, is only one step removed from Communism, and this moron finally shows  what the true aim of the Party is.

Sure wish they would look at history though. Guess it is kinda like an ex,we tend to reminisce that they really weren’t that bad…….yeah right.