Harry Reid Receives “Vile Threats”


Given his habit of calling ex military, domestic terrorists, ¬†it is a wonder that someone has not followed through on these “threats” .

But since the threats come from the Bible according to him I wonder what he is being threatened with? Have never seen anything “vile” in the Bible that could be used as a threat, unless you want to consider eternal damnation “vile” then I reckon he is in some pretty serious doodoo.

Oh….and did you note that he is blaming Cliven Bundy with no proof? But that has never been one of his requirements for calling names before.

Electile Dysfunction Costs Candidate Job


Wonder whether he was talking about this:

Or this:

Just goes to show tho’ that the “establishment” be it Dumbocrat or Repugnants, does not like to be attacked, and some people have no sense of humor at all.

Hillary The Great…on Religious Faith

A classic case of someone preaching and proclaiming her faith in God, while living a Godless and completely amoral life.  Typical to a large percentage of people who use religion as a tool to get out from under the responsibilities of their actions,

“I have sinned but because I ask God for forgiveness it’s Ok, don’t worry about it.”


Just another tool in her kit to Photoshop herself into what she thinks will get her the Presidency. Unfortunately, this is a normal operating pattern for many “Sunday Christians” so she may not be far off the mark.

Hillary the Great…Sorry

Yeah right.


Just the same old crap from a whore that would sell her soul in order to achieve wealth and power.

Why is it that the people who work the hardest achieve the least and those who lie without compunction are disproportionately rewarded?