Political Stupidity

Dear God PLEASE smite these fools and shower us with your protection for these castrators will surely be the end of this great country if you forsake us now.




Never have I been in almost Spring and waited so anxiously for Fall. Come on November!

Barbara Boxer Works Hard…..

A little humor to end your day with.


‘Course I suppose it can be explained by the fact that Californians elected her.

Wounded Warriors

I got an email that had a story about Ping (the golf club maker) donating custom fitted clubs to service members who wanted to participate in golf after having lost limbs in one of the sand boxes. Checked it out and ’twas true.


In doing so I ran across the other story:


When u read the second link pay particular attention to about the 5h paragraph where the “lady” describes waking up in the hospital. That is real spirit!

Another Idiots Stupidity


So my question is when will it be “OK” to start shooting idiots who can not understand something as simple as the Constitution of the US?

There is no way a T shirt voicing support of ANY  part  of the Constitution can be considered taking a political stance! It is the law of the land. Period.

Fucking morons!

On The 2nd Amendment

the Supreme court continually hands down decisions stating that the simple language our forefathers used in framing the Constitution means exactly what it says.

Our rights to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Sadly, some municipalities would prefer to ignore both the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

Recently there has been  new talk of “smart” guns  on the left coast (Californicate for you uninformed people).

Most of the big names in the firearms mfg industry have already withdrawn from that market. Now a German firm has entered it. http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2014/02/20/first-smart-pistol-shelves-in-california/?intcmp=features

The issue has not been whether it was possible to create smart guns it was the viability   of them. With the introduction of this pistol it brings up another point; cost. At roughly 4x the amount of what it would cost to purchase a good, serviceable pistol from someone like Ruger or Springfield Armory it makes a case that the average person will NOT be able to afford one. And this pistol is not even in a caliber that consensus deems suitable for self protection.

So once again Californicate screws the little guy. You can buy it but you can’t afford it. So YOUR family isn’t worth protecting obviously.