What If…..

I got to thinking the other day that when I die, before they send me to wherever I have earned, I’d like to sit down in the waiting room with a few beers, a comfortable chair, big screen tv and a “what if” button.

I would love to go back through my life and pick several turning points and hit that “what if” button. What if my mom and Dad had not divorced?

What if I had chosen differently at that new school when the one girl said me or her?

What if my CO had NOT put my request for transfer to Vietnam into his bottom desk drawer instead of forwarding it up the chain of command?

What if I had got my pre wedding jitters BEFORE the wedding instead of the first day of our honeymoon?

What if I had taken that job at Piccatiny Arsenal instead of going home to race cars?

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the way my life turned out.  Still……

What if………

Boeings “Champ” System

A comment from Navy prompted me to check out the link he sent me.


The gist is that Boeing and the Airforce have a missile that fries electronics with out actual explosions and collateral damage.  Think taking Out Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs.

The statement the Boeing engineer makes however illustrates the problem that exists within R&D programs for much the same reasons our education systems seem so out of touch with the real world.

Both R&D and educational systems operate in an isolated, closed environment. The input they get is so specialized or in the case of schools, so unformed, that it has little bearing on real life. Yes this missile will take out electronics but it is the same mind set failing that existed during the Vietnam war. Everyone said to bomb “them” back to the stone age, not realizing that they were not far removed from that in the 20th century.

All the fancy techno toys have little to no effect on an illiterate with an Ak47.


School District Compounds Insult

Just like the Dumbocrats when they are caught in an embarrassing, compromising, or in a situation otherwise detrimental to their interests, the school district that suspended the 17 year old good Samaritan simply resorted to lying to cover up their faux pax.

School lawyer lied about ‘arrest’ of girl suspended for trying to help drunken pal, attorney claims

That they would lie to the courts is no surprise, Holder et al, have been doing it ad nauseam. ‘Course it WAS a lawyer that told the lie so I suppose that makes it all okay…..

Fox Watching The Henhouse

At some point this country needs to rethink how we pay our lawmakers. They should be put on a pay system based on performance, paid by commission, and only when they do their job.

If they pass a balanced budget they get paid. If they handle immigration reform they get paid. If they don’t, they get zero, zilch, nada.

‘Spect it would take about a month before the rhetoric toned down. Speaking of rhetoric, have you noticed that is ALWAYS the Dumbocrats calling the Repugnants names like extortionists, terrorists etc?

Another Stupid House of Education

In yet another display of the idiocy of the education system in America, a young honor student is punished for doing good deeds.

Punished for being sober: 17-year-old high school student is suspended from school and loses title as volleyball captain all because she drove her drunk friend home from a party

Is it any wonder that  the people of America cannot make rational, common sense decisions? With an educational system as out of touch with reality as ours, it’s a wonder we know how to take a piss.