Kerry Signs Arms Control Treaty

I saw a little blurb about this on the scroll bar last night. Fox presented it as a done deal but their web site and others show it as a pending action.

Once again “government” is ignoring the law, and the will not only of the people, but in this case most of its own participants.

So this will go down as follows: The treaty will get signed, Obama will make a big deal about it and call on Congress to ratify it toot sweet. Congress will of course not do so, giving Obummer the chance to step in, citing Congress’ inability to act, so for the good of the country he will attempt to bind the US by Executive action.

And that is when the shit will hit the fan. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition Brothers, the time is at hand.


A School Goes TO Far

If there was any question whether or not our schools are at the root of most of the problems in this country this story should end the argument.

If there is not a major law suit over this the parents should be sent to jail for failing to stand up for their children’s rights.

Violent Computer Games

Every time there is an incidence of violence in this country, besides gun control, one of the topics is the effect shoot em up computer games have on the youth of the country.

Now I can’t speak about all the youth, just my own. Female, age 20 something, NRA Certified instructor, concealed carry permit holder, college grad, yada yada yada. She grew up with Doom, Duke nukem, and every other game I could find to play that fell in the shoot em up category. So I guess in her case it was a non issue, since she hasn’t gone postal on anyone in the last week or so.

But here is something to consider. I still play these games for relaxation and to take out my aggressions on a sim instead of my neighbor. So what are the chances that in at least some cases these violent games PREVENT violence?

I mean there are so many ripe targets out there…..

I loose Bet With Myself

Guess I ain’t so smart after all…..

I had figured that Hillary, you know,  the lawyer  who was barred from practicing law because of ethics charges, that kept her wandering husband around so she could run for President…….? would have picked Anthony Weiner as her running mate in 2016 because of the similar mindset but guess not.

But I still have my Hillary nut cracker from the first campaign!