Hillary Clinton and the Presidency

The GOP is taking preemptive action against two of the major networks about running “documetaries” on Hillary prior to the 2016 election cycle.


Since I don’t want to be left out of the game let me add some info for you to consider.



Just as an aside, I wonder if Bill has had any from Hillary since Monica?

The Only Good Indian….

Back when I was growing up I used to watch all the cowboy movies I could talk ┬ámy parents into taking me to. The one line that stuck with me for years went something like, “the only good injun is a dead injun”

During my formative years I became very interested in history. As I studied, I learned that there has never been such a royal screwing as the various Native American tribes suffered at the hands of the white man. The Indian saying that most stuck with me from those movies was “white man speak with forked tongue”. Truer words were never spoken, at least where government is involved.

But the point of this commentary tonight is not about the white mans government. As I was watching the newcast tonight about the burning of the Christian churches in Egypt the first thing that sprang to my mind was “the only good Islamist is a dead Islamist”.

After watching the behavior of the various Islamic sects throughout the world over the last 40+ years of my life and poring over various histories of the world since the death of Christ I can say with 100% conviction, I fully understand the line from the movies. It was just applied to the wrong people.

Never has one religion worked harder to destroy soley for the sake of destruction. It seems that the Islamic religion exists only to kill each other, their neighbors, their friends, and oh yeah, if convenient, their enemies; which seems to be everyone on the planet. At least they are consistent.

Feds Lose Again….Start of Something Big?


This is the second major loss for the Feds in the arena of laws that basically serve to molly coddle minorities. (affirmative action policy in school admissions) Perhaps the courts are coming to see these laws for what they are, subsidized suppression of the will and ambition of minority groups for the benefit of increasing the power base of the Liberal left in this country.