O’Reilly’s Talking Points….Amen Brother

This is what needs to be said, much better than I have been able to say it. Guess thats why he gets the big bucks. But when a black liberal, Juan Williams agrees verbatim you know Bill is on the money.


So now….. how many are going to take the comments to heart?

Smart Gun


I have to say that I am of mixed emotions on this. On the one hand it seems like a super cool addition to my collection. On the other hand it could mean that Democrats can now do with no effort what it has taken me years to accomplish.

Course, if I had it my experience would only make it better……………..

Plagues and Pestilence

I was talking with a friend in Texas this morning. We were discussing the amount of rain we have had and she jokingly asked if I had started building an ark. I replied that I wasn’t because a certain individual made promises in that regard. However that got me to thinking about the promised plagues and pestilence. So I wondered…….

Don’t Dumbocrats cover both categories?

The Racist Card and the Zimmerman Trial


Is racism a matter of convenience? Trayvon’s ┬áparents have said from day one all they want is justice to run its course. Yet people like Sharpton, Jackson, Holder and the President, all, to one degree or another manage to bring race into the equation.

I, as many others feel, that if this had been black on black, or any other non mixed race equation, this trial would never have taken place. Yet time and time again, whenever there is a conflict between a black and any other race, the racism card is held high and waved wildly, almost always by the same dozen players, that outside of this arena have nothing to contribute to the world. And in this context their contributions are suspect.

So I have to ask, how often is the racism card used as a means to gather publicity, an excuse for improper action, or to explain lack of contribution to society?