Truest Quote Ever

“Legislators should not be rewarded for an endless cycle of promises, excuses, delay and inertia on the pension problem,” the statement continued. “They don’t get paid if they don’t do their jobs. And neither should members of the General Assembly.”

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So how is it that these words come from a Democrat, in a state where there has not been a Republican Governor or legislature in like….FOREVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER?

A Description For Today

I ran across this quote in my various readings:

“The power and the certainty of being able to use force without any resistance are the sweetest and most noxious poison that can be introduced into any government” Hans Frank, Personal Diary, 1942.  Frank was the Nazi ruler of occupied Poland.

The correlation I see today is an Administration, Justice Dept, State Dept, IRS, NSA and department of Homeland Security that operate with impunity from the American people, doing what they wish, knowing that the powers that be in the other areas of Government will look the other way while they themselves rape and pillage the coffers of the American worker.

And outside of an armed revolt I see no way to move the American public to force change upon them.

Illinois Sheriff Seizing Guns

Ok, so I’m a sensationalist. While I applaud the premise of taking guns away from people who should not have them I have to question any system that is in place in Chicago. What do you think the probability of corruption in the process of GETTING a FOID is?  How many friends of officials get cards who shouldn’t and how bad do you have to be to be denied? Who decides? Medical records are sealed so how does Chicago get around that?

What these questions are about  is not so much Chicago but the greater  question of parameters for curbing illegal firearm possession. Do we just let it all ride, say it’s all good and let God sort out the good from the bad when they reach the pearly gates?

Personally I am in favor of anarchy. I am more than willing to take the risk of running into a loony tune in order to have the means to protect myself. And since I have a bigger gun than you, I get to decide  whether you are a loony or not.


I do think it almost time to pickup ‘ole Betsy and head for the hills…………..around Washington DC and do some squirrel  hunting. And I don’t ‘spect it will be hard to put dinner on the table as there appears to be a lot of the critters hidin’ in that there big ole buildin’.