TWA Flight 800 Shot Down?

Ok conspiracy buffs!

Remember all of the people who SAID that the TWA airliner was shot down and how OFFICIAL investigators steamrolled everyone with their REAL  findings, brushing off all of the eye witness’ who said they saw a missile ? “no sir, what you saw was a piece of debris just prior to the main explosion” etc?

Wonder is that this happened during  Mr. “I didn’t inhale” ‘s Presidency. Another Democrat who wanted nothing bad to happen on his watch. Do you STILL believe that  the NSA isn’t listening to everything you say?

Face it people, Government, Democrat or Republican doesn’t give a rats ass about you, the truth or the Constitution. All they want is power, money and fame. If you look at every Government statement (particularly THIS administration) as a lie, you will never be surprised.

CNN Surprise

This was the lead story on this morning. It surprised me that they even brought the subject up. Not really expecting fair and balanced coverage from those folks. The key part to the whole statistical thing though is the Independent voter. Dumbocrats will believe in the low level theory while people who actual DO think may make a different conclusion.

Still, the fact that CNN ran this article leads to the hope that more like this will come from them. They are such teases…………

Arming Syrian Rebels

I have said it before and I’ll say it again……


We have the perfect set up in Syria right now. Muslims who hate America are fighting Muslims who hate America. There can be no improvement on that scenario. 80,000 dead… lets see if they can get it up to 160,000.

If we get involved it will become a proxy war between America and Russia, that has every possibility of turning into WW3.

Dumb fucking politicians.