Proposed Immigration Reform

Washington has finally put a proposal on the table to reform the immigration practices in the US.

In looking at it I have to say I approve of most of the proposal. I do think that the path to citizenship should be a little fatser. One way to look at is that a five year wait is about the same time it takes to pay off a car loan, a ten year wait is more like a mortgage and I suspect there will be a fairly large contingent of illegals who will say why bother?

Also this whole immigration reform bill is operating under a misconception. What is there about the past behavior of illegal immigrants that makes it a certainty that they WANT to become citizens, pay fines, application fees and subsequently be taxed like the rest of us?

I betcha that the response from illegals, if indeed this proposal or one like it, ever actually make it into law, will be extremely underwhelming.

Boston Marathon Bombings

So when we find the coward who did this we strap him  to a chainlink  fence naked.Then we strap an M80 to each ankle, knee elbow shoulder and his nuts.  Then in a SLOW sequence we set them off one by one, and finally  we  tape one to each ear and set both of those off at the same time. If it turns out it was a Muslim  that did it we  do all of  the above  but we wrap the sucker in a pigskin first and shove a hamhock up his ass for good measure.

Barney Fife Is Alive and Well

Actually Barney was a pretty nice guy but has come to symbolize the bumbling inept rural police. Which this moron completely transcends!

I suspect that there will be a pink slip in this yokels inbox before the week is out and a lawsuit filed before that.

Some good may come of this though. A hero will have the pay and recognition he deserves for service to his country and it will be a rallying cry for calmer heads to prevail in the hysteria over gun control.

Heres a Lesson For Lawmakers

A college student in Texas went on a stabbing rampage today. athere are a couple of lessons here for lawmakers:

1) We need background checks for knives

2) It isn’t about the weapon of choice it is about treating the mentally disturbed or getting them out of society.

We will have to wait and see if the perp had tried to buy a handgun or rifle and was denied under the current backmground system. Betcha the media never follows through on the last question tho’ !