New Jersey Takes Hardline Stance

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the Federal Flood Insurance Program FINALLY take a hard line stance on homeowners in flood plains.

No longer will people be able to rebuild at taxpayer expense time after time,every time  there is a major storm.

Now if we can just get the rest of the country on board to make people responsible for their own homes risks…….

They’re Gonna Get Ya!

One  way or  another they are coming after law abiding citizens.

Why don’t the Replublicans start introducing all kinds of harrasing legislation aimed at Democrats pet programs. Tit for tat. Keep it up till they squeal like a pig. (reference to Deliverance, for those of you old enpugh to remember)

Gun Ownership Mandatory!

Now this is interesting.

I am all for gunownership but I think this as ludicrous as outlawing guns. While there are private developments that require gun ownership in order to buy property in the subdivision, that is something you can choose to participate in.  These towns are making it the law that Aunt Maud who can’t see past her nose and has to use a walker to get around MUST have a gun in her home for self protection. So how do they justify making the town drunk and other people of dubious chaacter go out and purchase guns when those people are the ones who should NOT have them?


Holder Says OK To “Droning”Americans IN America!

In a show of utter contempt for the American Constitution and American Citizens, Atty General Eric Holder has stated basically that there are certain scenarios when it will be permissible to execute American citizens in the US without any guidance except what someone comes up with to justify it.

Who the hell do you think you are… Bashar Al Assad?

Here’s  a thought moron…. it will NEVER be permissible. And if YOU or anyone else in this or any other administration attempts to make it ok, I will take up arms against you and make damn sure that YOU are the only one who gets droned!