Obamas Executive Actions on Gun Control


In looking at this list I notice first that most of the the things that he did are either commonsense, feel good or completely irrelevant.

In fact the ONLY thing I take issue with is number 16. It is a “nunya” where my Doctor is concerned whether I have a gun in my home. And if that learned gentleman is stupid enough to ask, he will be succinctly and courteously told to fuck off.

Once again Obama has shown how little substance he is made of.

Rahm Emanuel-Beyond Ludicrous

So Rahm is in DC touting how he has the answer for the nations “gun violence” problem. So tell me why the Mayor of the city with the toughest gun laws in the country, while at the same time the highest murder rate of any US city is in any position to tell anyone anything?!

And then…….. on top of that he wants the city to divest itself of any holdings in the gun industry…


….likely the most highly perfoming investments the City has. So does anyone remember the saying “cutting off your nose to spite your face”?


CNN’s Twisted Logic


While it comes as no surprise that CNN will deliberately twist the facts to suit their adgenda and allow contributing writers to do the same a couple of points need to be pointed out in the above linked article,

It is easy to make blanket stements if you feel no need to back them up with viable unbiased studies. The statement that a majority of Americans support commonsense gun laws, while on its face may be true the context in which it is used in this case is that a majority of Americans support more restrictive gun laws that the NRA is blocking.

This is not true. I would venture that most Americans do support common sense gun laws that restrict the ownership of guns to law abiding citizens that use them for self defense, sport and pleasure. That does not mean a blanket policy restricting items that non law abiding citizens will pay no attention to.

But it is easy to grab a soap box and start spouting rhetoric particularly when all you are concerned about is getting your 30 seconds in the spotlight.

The Time Is Almost Upon Us


We are arriving at that time that has historically signalled the start of a Revolution. We are fast approaching the point where patriots will stand up, say enough and start kicking to the curb, those who do not show the proper respect for the foundations of this country.

Teachers, politicians, lawyers, judges………..think well and hard on the decisions you make in the coming months. They may come back to haunt you in ways you have forgotten because you have ignored history.