Conservative America-The New Taliban?

Consider the similarities……..

The Taliban has its roots in a situation they saw as untenable. Their core beliefs under attack and with no military might to defend them they sought a means to defend their way of life. Anyone not on their side was considered either the enemy or a tool to be used to fight their enemy.

Today in America we have the core beliefs this nation was founded upon under attack from groups both home grown and “foreign”. These beliefs are not exclusively based on religion but as well on the tenets of hard work, honesty, and a sense of pride in our abilities to make anything out of the raw materials that have been bestowed on us. The glib line “I have done so much with so little for so long I feel I can do anything with nothing” is pretty accurate.

But  today this core group, while able and willing to provide for themselves and lend a hand to the needy is becoming unable to respond in a traditional manner. Asked to support not only themselves, but also a large part of the world, and more detrimental yet, a growing portion of the “citizens” who WILL NOT make a contribution, at what point do they say ENOUGH?

And when that moment comes what will be the method of their resistance?Hopefully their core beliefs will prevent the wholesale destruction of largely innocent bystanders. But at what point do you draw the line between complacency and willing support for practices considered threatening to your beliefs? Is an uneducated, unemployed, welfare “machine” churning out babies as guilty as the politicians who open our pockets to them? If so what is her fate?

If the time comes when the power base in this country says they have had it with the whores in Washington how will they act? Will the military support the people or the Establishment? Is the oath to support the Constitution they take   going to steer them in the direction of the People or to the people who write their paychecks? Will the military understand that it is the People who really write the paychecks?

If the military chooses the Establishment, what methods will the revolt use? Will we in desperation lower ourselves to car bombings that attack innocent bystanders? Will we then feel, as the Taliban do, if you are not with us you are against us?

Unfortunately I do not see a gradual move back to the core values. I suspect that there will come a time when this once great country collapses from its own misguided efforts to live the American dream. While once all things might have been possible through hard work, no longer is that the case. Will America do what is necessary to rebuild it self or will we be so weak that Foreign interests will step in and sieze the power?

While I in no way support  the Taliban’s methods, I can understand where they are coming from.

Time To Mow The LAwn On Liberals

I don’t think this newspaper has even begun to feel the backlash from publishing this story. I expect the first time one of these individuals is targeted for anything, defamation and invasion of privacy suits are going to cost this Editor his job and likely the Owners MILLIONS of dollars in settled lawsuits. That is if the Editors house is not robbed because he obviously is a safe target!