White House Transparency

Heres a word fer ya….



I have to ask myself…

Why didn’t the White house simply say “we do not know who or what was behind the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. As we have more information we will make you aware of it”

Why did a woman as intelligent as Susan Rice go on national television and spout  a bunch of BS that the semi literate, marginally intelligent, unwashed masses knew was a pile?

Well I suspect 2 things at work here.

1st, the White House, under the dubious leadership of Obummer has completely lost contact with the concept of “open and transparent government” that Obummer ran on in 2008. You will note, before your memory clouds and blows away completely that NO mention of that concept was made in 2012.

2nd, Obummer couldn’t have an act of terror occur on his watch, during a close re-election battle.

Nope, we’ll simply obfuscate, like we have done on every issue from the dream act, Obama care, fast and furious or any other inconvenient arising.

Hey I like being obfuscated! Sounds so much classier than being a mushroom.

Colorado Petitions White House to Secede

Colorado and as many as 21 other states are currently petitioning the Feds to get the hell out of Dodge. I suspect it will come to little but it sure sends a clear message to Obummer that the recent election was not a “mandate from the people”




Petraeus “Resigns”

Ok, show of hands…..

Petraeus contradicts Obama’s version of Benghazi, Petraeus is called to testify before Congress, Obama gets reelected, FBI just happen to find out Petraeus sleeps with his biographer, Petraeus resigns, Petraeus now is not scheduled to testify before Congress.

Now how many of you think there is no behind the scenes BS in this whole scenario? Funny, I can’t see any hands…..