China’s Trade Practices

A friend forwarded me an email that outlined where some of the products you use on a daily basis come from. No surpriise, the message was on of enacting our own trade embargo against  China based on our buying habits,which  really should become choices instead.

In the email the writer suggested that if 200 million Americans chose to make a conscious decision and redirected just $20 of their monthly purchases away from the Chinese, it would create a $1b trade swap.

Aside from the math being incorrect there is a fallacy in the reasoning. $20 of retail sales does not equal $20 on the wholesale side. There is an impact on the whole stream from export to retail sale, that would effect more than just the Chinese.

However I do agree with the concept. According to the last census there are some 311 million people in the US. While not all are in a position to make purchasing decisions SOMEBODY is making purchasing decisions for them. So just for grins and giggles lets play the same game with some more realistic numbers.

Assume that for every retail dollar 25%  of it actually ends up in China. If a little more than half of the people in the US chose to buy other than Chinese products on $50 a month that would take some 2.4 trillion dollars out of the pockets of the Chinese. 166 million people at 25% of $600 annually  is a significant hit.

I already make a conscious effort to do this. How ’bout you?

Richard Wolfe: Total Worm

I am getting sick and tired of these mealy mouthed, publicity seeking worms with no back bone spouting their bullshit so they can appear to be so progressive and forward thinking. The idea that if a person who is not black criticizes one who is, is racist is just totally ludicrous.

Did it ever occur to you Mr. Wolfe that the reason people, particularly the three you mentioned get criticized is because they are dishonest, incompetent, and DESERVE to be called out for their actions?

Oh, I’m sorry…. you were one of the people who were raised by liberals and brought up adhering to the concept that everyone deserves to have a ribbon from school, nothing is MY fault, and if I don’t succeed it is some one elses fault.

And why is it that MOST of the people who are screaming “racist” are white? Could it be because people of color know what real racism is?


Israel and Hamas

Couldn’t find this story on CNN or anywhere else except Fox.

This author comes the closest to saying what animals Hamas, Hezbollah, etc etc really are. They do not want America, Israel or any of the Western countries “out” they simply want to have a purpose to kill. All they are concerned about is their own power. If the “west” completely disappeared from all of the Islamic countries, they would have a party for a week and then go back to killing each other.

Their history goes back thousands of years and they have been doing it for all that history. In fact if there is “Devil Spawn” wandering the earth it is the People of Islam. Never in history have they been able to live in peace, and throughout history very few if any “contributions to society” have been made by the people of Islam. Unless it was in the form of more degrading ways to kill. This is, if you will read history, a people that aligned themselves with Hitler.

Were I Israel, I would issue an ultimatum to the Gaza residents. Leave or die. Then I would line the borders to Gaza  with troops, and  starting at the NE end of Gaza, systematically drive every man, woman and child into either the sea or Egypt.

In this day of surgical airstrikes, people have forgotten there was a reason for the emergence of the saying, “war is hell”. If the people of Gaza willingly or through lack of action allow animals such as Hamas, to coexist in their midst then they should, and will reap the “rewards”.