Fed Ex Out “Stupids” The Post Office

Now how could that be possible?

Some of you may recall a rant I went on a couple of weeks ago about the unbeleivably bad service at my local PO.

Well it seems the Union Pukes in the Postal Service don’t have a corner on the stupidity market. I ordered another toy that was originally schedulded  for delivery on August 30th. Forget for a moment that it was only going some 750  miles and was shipped 10 days before its supposed delivery date. The package actually arrived 4 days early. So what is the beef? Consider that the Fed Ex driver saw that it was not due to be delivered for 4 more days so SENT  IT BACK  TO THE DISTRIBUTION CENTER!!!!

What can I say after that? Yes  I suppose I COULD stop ordering toys, and bullets and powder and…………..

The Coming Revolution

And I am not talking about a burn your bra type. We are talking about the guns and mayhem kind that will be needed to put this country back on it’s feet and on the right track.

Apparently the sentiment is becoming more and more widespread: http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/28/justice/georgia-soldiers-plot/index.html?hpt=hp_t3

In fact a friend and I were discussing what the average GI or police officer would do if and when they are asked to subdue by the use of deadly force, fellow American citizens fighting for what they believe their country should be.

I suspect that there will be a large number that will side with the freedom fighter element but that the largest part will go blindly on, following orders, the oath they took never really having registered in their conscious minds.

Unwanted Obama

First the Democratic Party would not pay a small towns expenses of some  $12-14k after a visit. Then the barber refused Obama’s request for a “homey” good ole’ boy type visit and photo shoot. Now The University of Virginia has declined to have to dog & pony show on its campus.


Poor little Obama. Maybe he’ll throw a tantrum, take his little jet and go home and cry in his corner.

Civil War In The US?


Call it Civil War, call it a Revolution, the American public is fed up with Government in general and Obama in particular. At least the thinking, hard working American is. I can’t speak for the leeches and whores (Democrats) but they seem to be able to make big enough fools of themselves without my help. Not that I am adverse to offering any assistance I can to show them what idiots they are. Like I said earlier the Democrat is the true Zombie apocalypse threat.

If I was in Texas I’d take this guy out to lunch!