Yet More Political Correctness

Or in this case the military is just plain soft.

Now I wasn’t a part of the Brown Boot Army, but this is ridiculous.

Just shave the ass, try him and execute at daybreak wrapped in a freshly slaughtered pigskin.

The Definition of Wasteful Government Spending

…… this guys salary;

It is also the reason this blog exists. Political correctness carried to the extreme is just as offensive or more so than rude arrogant behavior.

If anyone finds any of the terms that he described offensive it is because they are either completely ignorant or just totally uncomfortable in their own skin. Neither of which are my (or your) problem.

A Message to Undecided Voters

Ran across this article from a link on CNN.

What caught my attention was the comment about Obama being more likeable.

BULLSHIT! How f’ing stupid can you be people!?  WHO CARES how likeable a Presidential candidate is? CAN HE DO THE JOB!? That’s why we’re in the mess we are in now because women and young people voted with their hearts instead of their brains.

Hire a CEO because he has a nice smile? Pick a General because he will go have a beer with the troops? Pick a pilot because you like the way he wears his uniform? America has become a bunch of total morons.

More Anti Gun Stupidity

Ran across this this morning.

I titled this what I did for the obvious reason that it will take the amateur gunsmith less than 2 minutes to remove this marking without impairing the function of the weapon on the 700 series of riles and 1911 series of pistol, probably less than 10 on all of the rest of the guns in the world.

Another feel good,  misdirected attempt on the part of people who ALWAYS take the easy way out.

A Comment From Mychal Massie

This was sent to me in an email.
Mychal Massie is chairman of the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives-Project 21
– a conservative black think tank located in Washington, D.C.  He was recognized as the 2008
Conservative Man of the Year by the Conservative Party of Suffolk County , N.Y.    He is a nationally
recognized political activist, pundit and columnist.  He has appeared on Fox News Channel,
CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, NBC, Comcast Cable and talk-radio programming nationwide.

Here is his article about our current First Lady.

by  Mychal Massie

What on earth can Michelle Obama possibly be tired from?
What has she done since her husband was elected that gives her one reason to be tired? I know that flying, for the proletariat such as myself, can be tiring and, more times than not, a genuine pain – but she flies in presidential luxury, sans the president.And the only checkin’ in and full-body scan she goes through at an airport is when she looks at herself in a mirror.

We, the taxpayers of this great nation, demand to know just what it is that has her royalness so worn out and tired, that after just enjoying a lavish 17-day Hawaiian Christmas vacation (that cost taxpayers $4 million), she needs another vacation at one of the most exclusive (and anti-union) resorts in the country.

It cannot be that she is overworked because, if the liberal Los Angeles Times is to be believed,
between them, the Obamas have 454 White House aides, at a cost to the taxpayers of more than $37 million annually – and that doesn’t include recent pay raises.
(See: “No Recession For Obama’s 454 White House aides: They’ll make $37,121,463 this year”; Andrew Malcolm, July 5, 2011.)
And before you ask – yes, that is more than President and Mrs. Bush had, and I was one of the lone voices decrying the small size and cost of Laura Bush’s staff.
Could Ms. Obama still be suffering fatigue from the weight of having kept secret, for two years, her extravagant Halloween costume ball? Even though they used military families as a cover in case it got out, the last thing she wanted the public
to know was that, while Americans were suffering in the depths of recession, she had the biggest players in Hollywood doing an exclusive costume party just for herself and her family.

Or perhaps it’s the lingering effects of taking her mother and daughters to South Africa and Botswana , or the sheer exhaustion of rushing out of Washington , four hours ahead of her husband, so she wouldn’t have to share her presidential jet with him on the way to Martha’s Vineyard for their annual beach break.

Then again, maybe she was exhausted from her personal $50,000 underwear shopping spree with the queen of Qatar , at Agent Provocateur, the store that bills itself as selling “the most erotic lingerie in the world.” Realizing that you’re responsible for closing down Madison Avenue can be tiring, and watching staff carry all those bags back to her limousines. Whew! – that would sure wear me out.
And after the tiring experience of picking out all of those exotic undies, what better place to recover than an uber-posh Vail resort and the private home owned by Paula and Jim Crown?

Or maybe she’s worn out from rolling around on the floor to the delight of Ellen Degeneres, or making muscles on a daytime show, or pulling on a rope on another show, or eating at all of the restaurants where she loves to pig it up.

Then again, maybe Ms. Obama is just an arrogant, high-minded person who doesn’t give a rat’s tail about propriety or how her behavior looks to a suffering public because, after all, her husband claims the economy is improving, and who are we going to believe – the reality of our financial situation or her husband?

Michelle Obama can afford to live life large since every dime she’s spending comes on the backs and sweat of others.
Nothing, zip, nada that she spends did she personally earn.
And therein is the disgusting elitism of a woman who forgets where she came from,
and dares you to remind her.

We are responsible for the billionaire life she lives, and it’s time we started demanding that she be accountable to us. It’s time we started confronting Obama at every press conference and/or speaking venue about the behavior of his wife.
He is spending hundreds of millions of our money, flying around the country to raise a billion dollars for his campaign war chest, and we’re paying $4 per gallon for fuel.
We’ve lost our homes, our mortgages are upside-down, our property taxes aren’t
enough to cover the increasing cost of infrastructure because of the drain of resources by illegal aliens, and all of this is happening as the price of putting milk and cereal on our tables is rising dramatically.

But why shouldn’t she be smiling? For the first time in her adult life, she is proud of  America – and why not? She has tens of millions of peons paying for her very
own private reparations – now that’s enough to put a smile on any elitist’s face!
Indeed !