CNN Reports Part of the Story-AGAIN

In a piece of fluff on CNN’s web site this morning they make light of Americas “fear” of crime as the reason for resistance to  new gun laws. The basic argument is  that crime is falling so we have no need for guns. Un fortunately not all crime stats are down.

What they fail to acknowledge is that Concealed Carry is up to record highs Nationally, gun ownership by LAW ABIDING citizens is at a record high, and just MAYBE the criminals are being more circumspect in who they target because they don’t want to get shot?

Aurora Theater reporting

I am a  little confused. The media, including Fox News, keep reporting that the shooter had a 100 round magazine. These are commonly called Beta mags. Yet the only pictures they show of the actual weapon, one where it is lying near the rear exit of the theater, shows a standard 30 rd magazine in the weapon. While it is possible that he reloaded with the 30, what puzzles me is why the media, if it is looking to sensationalize this, has not shown a picture of the Beta mag. You would think the Liberal media would be all over it. Could it be that “someone” reported that there was a Beta mag, everyone else took their word for it and no one bothered to check the facts?

In looking at the assault vest it is set up for 30 rd magazines.

As an added note; Congratulations and thankyou to Governor Hickenlooper for stating the obvious that this is not about the guns, it is about a sick indicividual who would have found a way to kill, be it guns, bombs; as evidenced by his apartment or any means at his disposal.


I Reiterate

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NRA’s Biased Reporting

I will preface this whole editorial with the statement that I am a Life Member in the NRA. I support their activities through contributions to their ILA and general requests for financial support.

In todays political climate much is made about slanted and biased journalism. Often it is the Conservative groups decrying the Left leaning media not reporting something that was said by or happened to a Liberal politician. The NRA frequently reports on anti gun sentiment and those groups deliberate misrepresentation of the issue.

Well welcome to the club of Yellow Journalism NRA!

In the August 2012 issue of The National Rifleman there is an article by Chris Cox in the Political Report, a regular column.

And I quote:

“As this column goes to press, another victory has just been added to our roster. Loyal readers may recall that the 2010 election of Scott Walker as governor was the linchpin of our 12 year effort to enact Right to Carry in Wisconsin. Walker kept his promise and signed the bill into law soon after taking office.

Furious at his consistent support of the Second Amendment, anti gun groups teamed with other groups to force a “recall” election. They attempted to defeat the Governor and replace him with anti gun candidate Tom Barrett, the same candidate Walker defeated in 2010. We countered with an even more comprehensive communications campaign to show Wisconsin gun owners what was at stake. The contest drew national attention and set records for spending. But when the votes were counted, Gov. Walker emerged victorious, with over 200,000 more votes than he received just 2 years ago-due largely to the efforts of your NRA and gun owners across the state.”

Talk about slanted, biased journalism!!!! While I have no doubt that the NRA was involved in trying to get out the vote to support Governor Walkers bid to remain in office, it WAS NOT because of an anti gun recall! Governor Walker s efforts to reduce the power of  Wisconsin’s Public Unions was the real, main and well publicized reason for the recall. Unless you were off the planet somewhere last year during the takeover of the Capitol building by angry Union members and supporters last summer you know this.

Come on Mr. Cox. It is not necessary to embrace the tactics of the far left to combat them. If you have to lower your standards to their level to compete with them in getting out your message perhaps you should consider stepping aside so some one with more eloquence and a higher ethical standard can be the voice of the American gun owners.