Jobs Growth Under Obama

Pres. O keeps touting that the US has added millions of jobs under his watch. But he never says where or gives specifics.

There is one industry that has documented a 30% growth rate since 2008 along with a 66% increase in both revenue and tax revenues contributed to the coffers. Care to guess?

The shooting and firearms industry.

So for all of those Democrats that are in favor of gun control the surest way to curb the growth of firearms in htis country would be to eliminate Democrats since they cause a growth in firearms……………………..

Arizona Told to Fend for It Self

Any of you still think the Federal Government is on your side?

In an announcement from the Obama administation, Arizona was told that ICE was pulling a portion of its resources from the State and that it would not send agents in response to deportation requests unless the deportee was a crimininal or major threat to society.

So The Feds sue to be able to be the only one to enforce immigration laws, win, and tell the State they are not going to enforce immigration laws.


A Mute CNN?

Why is CNN mute on the subject of Obama invoking Executive privilege? No where is there a mention on the main page. The story of the vote on Holders Contempt of Congress is shown as a tiny bit halfway down the page. A story about a bus driver is the largest headline. How is that more important?

Do they think if they don’t report it, it will go away? Isn’t this the first time in American history a President has invoked Executive privilege to protect an administration appointee?

And why is there no mention of Jutice’s retraction of Holders statement from earlier?

Why am I asking these stupid questions when I already know the answer?