Dad Saves Boy, Gets Ticketed

What do you see wrong with this picture?

First, note that the officer is described as a young cop. Typical of the last few generations he has little concept of what is important in life. Secondly note his response to the Fathers question. Illustrative of a smart ass attitude, something prevalent among younger officers. While time will likely teach him some compassion and reasonableness (starting with his court appearance when the Judge throws out the case), I suspect that he will never be a particularly good officer.

As it is presented here, I have no doubt that the Father reacted properly and appropriately for the situation. Nonetheless this illustrates why I and so many millions of Americans have chosen to carry concealed weapons. There seems to be an alarming disconnect between  any government entity and the real world.

There is an old saying, “better to be judged by a jury of 12 than carried by 6 of your friends”.

Can I get an Amen Brother?



Internet Censorship?

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to Not always, just sometimes? Wouldn’t that be an interesting way for Liberals to combat the open reporting that has come to be found only on Fox News!

And what would it take? Not much. And who would know? I mean the internet is a temperamental hussy anyway right? So whats the big deal if once in a while you simply can’t connect with a web site? Just gremlins right?

Or is it?

Whites; the New Minority

In case you spent the last few days under a rock and missed this:

So a threshold has been crossed. In a few years white people will be in the minority. Now does that mean WE get to yell discrimination and favoritism when we don’t feel we are being treated fairly? Or will we STILL have to listen to the whine coming from those who are to lazy to get off their asses and do some work to make their lives better?

Though I suppose since we have Dumbocrats that whine will always be there…………..

CNN’s Bleeding Heart Liberalism

One of CNN’s leading headlines today…………..

Why they show concern for the gorillas and not the innocent people who are losing everything is typical of their misplaced sensibilities.

I also note that they have ceased running a  daily poll. While the polls questions were mostly inane fluff perhaps they didn’t like the answers they were getting to some of the more serious questions that conflicted with their liberal bias.

World NOT Ending in 2012?

The National Geographic’s explorers have reportedly found further evidence that the Mayans expected a new era to begin after 12-21-2012. So it isn’t the end of the world after all. Unless BO get re-elected……………….

Guess we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way.

Viva le Revolutione!