Disturbing Statistic

Another Memorial Day has come and gone. Lots of burgers, beer and sunscreen consumed in a Patriotic fervor. Of course there were all the feel good pieces on the news about what a wonder the American Service person is. But this time tucked in the news there was a story (continuing it seems) about a WW2 vet making a film about the remains of soldiers left on the beaches of Tarawa.

What floored me was the statistic released by the War dept that from WW1 through the Vietnam war there are some 73,000+ MIA. So much for the notion of the American soldier that we leave none behind.

UN Powerless In Syrian Crisis


It is unfortunate that we have the UN. Millions upon millions of dollars spent by countries around the world to support an orginization and titular leader so they can have a “feel good” moment. Unfortunately they are powerless and ineffectual today and are no longer relevant in 2012.

Be honest; without military strength they are as useful as a bunch of old women sitting around drinking tea. If I were Bashar Al Asad I’d invite the UN Observers to dinner then slaughter them just to listen to the hysteria.

Until a bigger bully comes along, nothing is going to change inside Syria, and if there is to be outside intervention it had better be from other Arab countries.

Obama Wastes Yet More Tax Dollars


Once again the Obama administration is happily wasting your tax dollars on a cause with no benefit to the public. What I want to know is where all of the famous lawyers are, that should be filing briefs with the court seeking an injunction against the administration preventing them from wasting money on the health care issue until the Supreme Court rules on its constitutionality.

I am continually reminded of Jeffersons quote about shooting all the lawyers…………

Bidens Big Mouth

Just saw on Fox News Biden  making another one of his stupid comments. He stated that Romneys time at Bain Capital (and we can assume other gainful employment) did not qualify him to be President. He made no mention of his time as Governor nor any of his other experience.

You Dumb F—!  Like  lets just overlook the fact that BO had only been a Jr Senator for what, 14 months, has no private sector experience except being a lawyer, has every record of his life sealed away from public scrutiny and HE is qualified to be President?

If it weren’t to the Republicans advantage to  have such a dip shit in the VP slot it would serve everyone better to just pull the lever and flush the dumb turd!