Political Prediction

Nostradamus had his predictions. Other people throughout time have made predictions.

Here’s my prediction:

If Obama is reelected in 2012 it is going ro ruin the lives of at least a hundred people.

The Secret Service detail that let him get shot on their watch, the hero that shoots him, the jury that has to convict him, the judge that has to sentence him, and the reporter that gets the Pulitzer prize for covering the story with “heart and compassion”.

On the other hand it will make several million people ecstatic so I guess there is a silver lining.

CNN Reporting Bias

CNN is at it again, reporting that the nasty ‘ole GOP blocked the tax on the wealthy when in fact one of the Dumbocrats voted against it. They even had one soft hearted Republican vote with them and still couldn’t pass it. Quit trying to blame everything on the Republicans CNN!


Florida Expands Mandatory Drug Testing

In 2011 Florida passed legislation requiring drug testing for people applying for Federal Aid. Of course Democrats came out against it saying it was “downright unconstitutional”  and it is currently being challenged in the Courts, where I suspect it will be upheld.


Now the Florida Legislature is taking it one step further and extending the drug testing to State employees.


All I have to say is  ” ’bout damn time!”