More Government Stupidity

The US Postal service wastes untold amounts of money proudly claiming they are not a Government entity; that they pay their own way, and don’t take a dime of the taxpayers money. Bull shit.

The US postal service has been supported by the taxpayer for so long they have forgotten where their money comes from. If they (and the railroads) had to make it on their own they would fail overnight.

In yet another obviously political move, the Dumbocrat Senate has passed a $10b aid bill to once again bail their asses out. It obviously won’t pass the House but it is sheer stupidity to keep throwing our hard earned money at a bloated, incompetently run organization.

Just another example of the Government needing to get out of the private sector completely.

Old Dog Learns New Trick

Now that the Federal Government has allowed the cold call solicitation of cell phones, and once again created a completely worthless item; The National Do Not Call  Registry , once again we are forced to deal with the problem ourselves.

Some cell providers offer, for a fee of course, the ability to block specific numbers. Some high end phones have the same feature built in to their software.

For those of us still using basic phones or if like me you are just to cheap to pay for this kind of service there is a simple fix.

Most of even the basic phones allow you to set individual ring tones for your contacts. Using that feature, set the cold caller as a contact with junk or some other descriptive name, then choose the no ring option for the ring tone.

They can call all they like but you’ll never hear it. And since like any other business their resources are limited they will eventually drop your number from their database. Then simply delete the contact if you need the space in your address book.

Trayvon Martin Killing

From the get go Trayvon Martins parents have shouted loudly 2 things. 1) their sons innocence, and 2) they just want the legal system to be allowed to work.

It is perfectly natural for a parent to proclaim their child innocent of anything and everything. The fact that they were not there is irrelevant. As to letting the system work, once GZ  was arrested and charged, the system allows for such things as bail hearings which happened last week. That the system progressed to that point as it was supposed to, and that the judge allowed bail, as is within his latitude apparently is NOT what the Martins want. They were upset that the system which they were so in support of worked as it was supposed to.

Face it. The parents of Trayvon Martin do not want the legal system to work, they want it to hang the killer of their little boy. Period. If the court system ultimately finds there is not sufficient evidence to convict GZ of 2nd degree murder there will probably be riots. Certainly there will be (if there is not already) a lawsuit seeking massive damages for the killing.

Whether or not it really was self defense will be of no concern to them and will be lost in a cloud of litigation. Which brings me to a main point. Civil action should be delayed by law until the criminal case has run its course. To often an individual or company is severely damaged or even ruined by civil actions and subsequently proven innocent of any crime.