Republican Presidential Candidates

In a perfect world Newt Gingrich would be elected President in 2012. Herman Cain would be his VP.

That said, in the world we live  in the best we can hope for is that Romney will get the nomination and the Independents and disillusioned Democrats will vote for him. You know the Republicans will vote for anyone NOT Obama, so the Independents are the key.

To bad bin Laden didn’t live a little longer and have a chance to carry out his plans for BO.

Afghanistan Protesters- Savages?

Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned a conversation where the other party referred to the Afghan people, as well as all middle easterners as savages. My initial reaction was disagreement ( a micro second) followed by 100% agreement.

But I guess it depends on your definition of “savages”.

If you ascribe the traits of ungoverned, unreasoning reaction to emotion then yes.

If you define savage as someone who wantonly and without regard takes the life of his neighbor because they are of a different  religion, tribe, sex, or just because its Thursday, yes.

If you define savage as one who has historically always acted this way and displays a complete lack of desire to evolve and better themselves as a race, instead wallowing in their superstition, yes.

Unfortunately the only way to deal with savages has been to either enslave them or eradicate them. In order to do either you have to become a savage yourself. At times like this I am reminded of an old saying from the late ’60’s…………


Anyone have a spare C130 Gunship I can borrow?

Atheists Erect Billboard in Muslim Neighborhood

In a move sure to generate reaction The American Atheists Society erected a large billboard in a largely Muslim neighborhood in New Jersey.

While I applaud the exercise of their 1st amendment rights what I find really interesting is the second picture on the slide show.

How is it that that particular enterprise manages to thrive in such an environment?


The Poster Child For Welfare Reform

There is a story on CNN that alternately makes me want to puke,grab my gun and shoot every public official in Michigan, and draw and quarter, SLOWLY, the subject of the article.

If there was ever a poster child for what is wrong with this country  it is this stupid whore.

If the people in Michigan don’t have a riot over this there is no hope for the state.

Worthless part of a female anatomy.

A Quote to Take to the Bank

I was rereading The Art of War the other night and realized the following is something that our forefathers knew but that our current leaders have forgotten:

Ho Shih said: “The people, being regarded as the essential part of the State, and food as the peoples heaven, is it not right that those in authority should value and be careful of both?”

It doesn’t take much thought  to understand that the concept is equally, if not more, valid in the 21st century.

To bad the only thing our leaders are interested in reading is their bank statements.