Israel Says It Will Not Inform US

A story on Fox news this morning states that representatives of Israels government have stated they will NOT inform the US ahead of time if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran.

Good on ’em. You can read the article for the reasons

But considering how the US government and military a) Don’t communicate  and b) Talk too much, I would say it is one of the smarter positions a person or Government could take.


US Opening Door to Intervention in Syria?

Last night on the news I saw an interview with White House personnel that stated intervention in Syria is becoming more likely as Diplomacy is not working.

Here’s an idea……..STAY THE F—- OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!

It is a Muslim  country. Muslims hate us. They will hate us even if we some how managed to make them happy. They have been killing themselves and each other for centuries. Without hate they have nothing. Let them kill each other to the point of extinction.

It is not worth one US soldiers life and it is not worth one taxpayer dollar to “aid” them.

Pull the chain and flush the whole lot of them to Allah. Maybe he can find some use for them.

CNN’s Daily Poll

CNN’s  poll for today is finally relevant and timely.

The question……”would you vote for a 3rd party candidate”

The response  is encouraging, with a slight majority of the respondents answering yes.

I’m not holding my breath however that the Major parties are going to allow the creation of a third party, much as the Unions are not going to go away willingly.

African Americans for Obama

So why not have Santorum announce “White Americans for Santorum”?

This is so irritating that I don’t even know how to respond. It outrages me but I don’t what it is that bugs me so.

Is it that it promotes reverse racism?

Is it that it demeans African-Americans by inferring they should vote for a mulatto because they aren’t smart enough to make their own decision based on a candidates values and not their skin color?

Or is it just that it is a further example of how big a whore this man is, one who will play every trick, say anything to retain his place of power?

Government Snooping

There was a story on Fox News tonight about the Government asking software developers for a program that will allow agents to monitor Facebook, Twitter, other social media and Blogs for keywords and other potential terrorist information. Look out George Orwell we are almost to 1984!

While I don’t use Facebook or Twitter I obviously do blog so I should be concerned right?

I suppose so but in all honesty maybe my bitching will finally be heard by the people I most often bitch about and they will miraculously change their ways and come around to my way of thinking……………

Nah, I didn’t think so.