Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Seems some people take exception to some of Obama’s statements in the State of the Union Speech. Here is an email I received, in it’s entirety.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Glenn L <glenn@uscapinc.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 12:04 PM
Subject: Post-Obama 24 Jan 2012 State-of-the-Campaign Speech – The Truth
Dear Friends:
I am sorry.  But I cannot contain myself.  When someone flat-out lies to get votes, I have to take exception and tell the truth.
1)    Last night Obama claimed that “the mortgage process is getting ‘streamlined’ so that everyone can take advantage of historic low rates.”  The truth:  The Good Faith Estimate in the mortgage loan process that was ONE simple page 3 years ago, is now three pages.  BUT it is going to SIX incomprehensible pages on February 1st.  This isn’t “streamlining” – this is more regulations and more paperwork!
2)    Last night Obama claimed that the middle class shouldn’t pay any more taxes.  The truth:  Effective April 1, 2012 ALL new mortgages (purchases and refinances) will have a .5% tax added to cover Obama’s much-heralded extension of the Bush Payroll Tax cuts.  That means that EVERYONE who wants a new mortgage will pay $1500 more in fees on a $300,000 loan, for example.  So, rather than CUTTING FEDERAL SPENDING to pay for this payroll tax cut extension (NOT a real tax cut by-the-way), Obama and his administration is taxing middle America – the home owner and home buyer.
Do the research yourself.  Everything I said above is true.
I apologize again for sending you this if you find my political emails irritating.  But I had to get the truth out.  Obama had the nerve to broadcast this stuff to the world last night to pander for votes KNOWING that he was lying to everyone.  I’ve already spoken with my Congressman’s office this morning.  Obama and his middle-class-taxing administration were so good at keeping this under the rug that HE didn’t even know about it yet.
BTW – Remember Obama’s big campaign pledge to make everything “TRANSPARENT”?!  He’s not only become the “Food Stamp President” increasing the welfare and poverty rolls to an all-time record, he has now also been proven to be the most OPAQUE President also by hiding important things like this.
If for no other reason than these above items, please help me in getting this guy thrown out-of-office in November before we are all on the U.S. Government teats.
Glenn Lodwig
Glenn Lodwig
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ANOTHER Obama Backed Business Goes Belly Up


Lets see. The man from Chicago, who has never held a job in his life and purports to tell us how to create jobs, has in just 3 investments lost the country a little shy of $750 million dollars. And he backed how many company’s?  But hey!………….he has his retirement locked in for the rest of his life!

Jan Brewer Gives Obama Hell


In the 2008 election, Obama garnered a large percentage of the “women” vote.

I know at least one who is not impressed. I wonder how many other women who felt that Obama was the greatest thing since pantyhose now feel the same way?

I also am working on 2 other snippets about our illustrious clown but you’ll have to be patient.

Romney Lies Again


Oh Mitt!

As I said in my last post, Mitt Romney is a whore.Make things up, let his PAC spread lies and half truths and claim no responsibility.

As Krauthammer lays out in this video clip Newt was forced to resign his post as Speaker for the same reason Pelosi did…..the Repulicans had lost the majority in the house. No majority no Speaker.

Krauthammer correctly points out that Gingrich HAD lost the confidence of his Party, but…..given the current popularity and job performance of Congress in general you have to ask your self if the ideas and outspokenness that caused Gingrich to lose that confidence are not EXACTLY the attitude and will to fight that the American people need of the President of the United States!

Just as an aside, there was a piece from someone about having a Gingrich/Bachmann ticket. I go back to a post I made months ago and reiterate…….what about a Gingrich/Cain ticket?