Racisim in America

A CNN poll on their web page today asks if racist comments should be criminally prosecuted. Surprisingly for CNN’s liberal audience 85% of the respondents say NO.

That hasn’t stopped Eric Holder from playing the race card, saying that he is facing all this scrutiny because he is black.

Hey Eric! Consider the fact that you are facing all this scrutiny because you are an incompetent FU, and that incompetence has gotten people killed!

Why the US Post Office is in Trouble

In yet another display of why Government should not be involved, even indirectly in a commercial endeavor the Post Office Pukes show once again how Union employees who are not held accountable for their performance show their incompetence.

I ordered a gift for a friend on dec 12th. It was mailed on Dec 13th and processed through the facility in Calif on Dec 13th. It took five days to reach Denver, where it still currently sits 3 days later. And no one can tell me why it is still sitting there.

If,  on the other hand I had requested UPS delivery I would have had it on the 16th, even on  the holiday schedule UPS is running.

The US Postal Service…..poor performance, no accountability, no future.

VP Biden Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot….AGAIN


Once again the Obama administration has to defend poorly chosen words from its number 2 liability.

In a comment that obviously shows Bidens total lack of common sense and tact, we have proclaimed that the Taliban is not our enemy. Yeah right. And Pakistan is our friend.

 Why is it so hard for the people in Washington to see the world as it really is? It’s a wonder that the country isn’t in even worse shape considering the BULL S— that comes out of these morons mouth’s.

Lets elect Larry the Cable Guy and Ted Nugent, maybe then we could get somewhere. (or at least have fun watching Ted blow their ass’s away.)


Last American Troops Leave Iraq

Yes we leave Iraq a better place for its people than when we went in to topple Saddam.

Should we have been there in the first place?

I give it 60 days or less before full-scale civil war sweeps the country, and all the sacrifice our troops made to hand this opportunity to the Iraqi people will be for naught.

While we didn’t learn in Vietnam maybe this time we will take the lesson to heart.