Death Penalty in America

The travesty of the death penalty is not that an individual who richly deserves to be dead is put to death, it is that the family of the victim has to wait so long for justice to be carried out. Give the family closure and save the taxpayers a fortune.

In a recent CNN poll 64% of the people are in favor of the death penalty. It is a farce that it should take 22 years to carry out the sentence of the courts and the decree of a jury of peers. Is the system perfect. No, nothing is. There will always be doubt from some quarter about ANYTHING.

It sends the wrong message to criminals and potential criminals that if you are convicted and receive the death penalty odds are that you will not be executed. Reform the system so that the parameters for death sentences are concrete and uniform across the whole country. Then limit the appeal process to a finite time and at the end of the appeal process carry out the sentence.

As a final thought…..who cares if the execution is “humane”?  I’m of absolute certainty that the killer did not give  even passing consideration to his victims discomfort when they died.

Stand the animal up against the wall and put a $.50 bullet between his eyes.

Obamas Tax the Millionaires Policy

The only reason BO is pushing tax increases  on anyone is because it is the only thing he can think of that actually MIGHT generate more revenue for him to waste on some Boondoggle like the last  Stimulus plan. The man has the imagination of a turnip and the backbone of a 2 week old carrot.

For those who don’t remember, in 2009 he said raising taxes on anyone was the worst thing you could do in a recession. But I forgot…………..he said the recession was over! So now I suppose it’s OK.

The Tea Party

In the recent Budget debacle, the media was rife with snide comments from Democratic Senators and Representatives about how the recently elected members of Congress who ran on a Tea Party platform, were being “stubborn” and refusing to “negotiate for the common good”. The media (mostly) parrotted these comments and put on such airs of hurt and suffering.

Not one media outlet, including Fox made the very simple comment: these people are doing EXACTLY what they were elected to do. The “established” Washington elected officials still do not get it! Reid and Pelosi are dinosaurs of a soon to be bygone era. Calling them ostriches would be a compliment!

I still say it is time for a viable 3rd party, and the Tea Party has most of the apparatus in place already. C’mon Sarah! Run the Party and forget about the Presidency. You are where we need you right now!


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