Morgan Freeman Calls Tea Party Racist

I saw a partial interview of Morgan Freeman the other day where he was being asked why he called the Tea Party a racist organization. Now, I like Morgan Freeman’s acting but how does he figure this out? When pressed he lamely mumbled something about the Tea Party wanting to cut minority programs but couldn’t give an example. Nor has anyone else and this accusation keeps coming up over and over.

I suppose if you say that the Tea Party wants to end government  waste and that a lot of the most wasteful and bloated Federal programs are aimed at minorities then maybe. It seems childish though to have to call an organization racist, just because you might have to go out and get a job, quit having kids or sell your new car because they took away your free housing, welfare, food stamps and beer money.

Death Penalty in America and Prison Reform

People are still ranting and raving about killing a man convicted of murder.

Heres my take on the Death Penalty and prison(ers) in general.

In a number of states there is a 3 strike rule. Do 3 crimes and go to jail for life. I say that is a waste of taxpayer $$$  Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to incarcerate, educate and care for a person who will never contribute to society?

My three strike program:

Murder is always a Capital offense. Death penalty, no option.

Strike 1) Sentencing at the Judges discretion, taking into account past history and circumstances as well as the severity of the crime.

Strike 2) Sentence is max allowed by law. No options.

Strike 3) Death.

According to Wikipedia ( at the end of 2008 there were almost 2.3 million prisoners in US prisons and County jails.

At an average annual cost of $44,165 per inmate per year, ( that is a staggering cost of  $101,232,053,945.00 per year! EVERY YEAR!! And it will only go up. $101 billion dollars spent on people who will still cost the taxpayer $$ after they are released and placed on parole.

When the life in prison is often better than the life on the outside (think Somali pirates captured, tried and sentenced to life) there is little incentive for criminals to try to go straight. Yes, some do make the effort and I say more power on them. But by and large prison doesn’t do the job.

If however there were REALLY SERIOUS consequences to committing a crime the third time………………..

GOP Presidential Debate

After reviewing the latest Presidential hopeful debate I have to say I am unimpressed with either Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. Apparently neither one have the capacity to rise above adolescent he said/he said behavior. Neither could resist the temptation to take pot shots at each other. And though I am sure both knew they were going to end up in confrontation, neither took the time to prepare materials that they could hold up to prove their point.

The candidates that presented the most lucid,concrete answers were former Speaker Newt Gingrich and businessman Herman Cain. In listening to the 2 I, I heard concise, well thought out answers that mostly stayed on topic and were not-self serving. 

The final question asked of the panel was who would you choose FROM the panel as your running mate if given the nomination. Most refused to be backed into a corner, but Perry allowed as how he would “play the game”, and wondered how to combine Gingrich and Cain into one person. Perhaps a portent?

I shut the debate off wondering what a combination they would make as a Pres/VP duo; Gingrich’s experience and Cain’s business acumen. How’s this for a thought: Cain for President with Gingrich as VP for the first 8 years then have them switch and run again for another 8 years?  How do you spell “stability”?

Partisanship or Principles

CNN ( currently has a poll up for whether the current gridlock in Washington is Partisanship or Principles. The overwhelming majority of voters seem to think it is Partisanship which is causing the problem. It is more complicated than that. It is partisanship based on principles and a dilemma. The principles of the Democratic Party are so out of touch with the current reality of the world that it creates a partisanship that mires the whole country in a morass of well-intentioned programs that can not work and can no longer be sustained. The dilemma comes in the form of the reality that if a Democratic or Republican Congressman WANTS to find the workable middle ground he or she faces ostracization by his Party for not being “loyal”.

Guilty by Association

Why is  William Petit being put through the hell of another trial in the case of his murdered family?????

If you commit a crime where somone dies you are guilty of 1st degree murder! It does not make one whit of difference if you are the one that did the killing or not.

Joshua Komisarjevsky has confessed at length to his involvement in the events leading up to the deaths of Dr. Petit’s wife and 2 daughters, that Steven Hayes has already been convicted and sentenced for.  Sentence the low life and let Dr. Petit get on with his life.