Aid to Libya

Why is it the people of Libya ask for the UN’s help in overthrowing a corrupt government, (something I have no problem with BTW), expect us to do it out of charity and then expect aid to help them set up a new govt? One which will likely be anti American. How about we send them a bill for the $900+ Billion dollars this has cost us?



How to create jobs

First you name the head of one of the largest American Corporations your job Czar. You ask him to create more jobs. So he does.

Somehow trusting a corporation that sheltered some $5b  in profits overseas last year seems kinda stupid. But HEY!….look who we’re talking about here! So he’s never held a “job”, he knows what he’s doing right?


Sometimes I regret my mandate about no profanity on this site……..

Immigration reform

White House Moves Ahead With Deportation Rules Congress Rejected (Fox News 18 Aug, 2011)

Once again Obama and the current administration show their arrogance and disregard for the will of the people. Our gov’t was not set up in such a way that the President can capriciously circumvent or ignore the wishes of the Congress. This Administration needs to be reminded, forcefully, of their place in the order.